FAITH - what is it, how do you develop it and why is it, perhaps, the most important component for success for so many people? 

FAITH - what is it, how do you develop it and why is it, perhaps, the most important component for success for so many people? 

“Faith is a state of mind which can be induced by Auto-Suggestion”

Most of us, have been told by others in our circle of supporters, to “just have faith and [it] will work out”, especially when things may be going poorly in our lives. However, speaking from over 37 years of personal experiences from high school to professional life, I can say with great certainty that Faith is truly the magic mental chemical that when mixed with and backed by emotion, drive and action, leads to the attainment of personal desires and goals. That last sentence may be worth re-reading if you didn’t soak it all in. 

Faith is soooooooo important. We hear this all the time, from the pulpit to motivational speakers & writers, from our next door neighbors and friends, and everyone in between. Just have faith. But, what if you don’t know how to have faith, or how to develop faith? Then, the plethora of counselors giving you the advice to just have faith are not giving you any direction that is helpful, because you don’t yet understand what Faith is. 

Faith is the visualization and belief in things unseen. Faith is having a knowing in your heart and mind that something is going to come to pass, even before you know how it is going to happen. Faith is believing that there is a Higher Power at work in the universe and in the world that you have access to through prayer and meditation that will help you attain your desires. 

Here in prayer and meditation is where you first start to develop Faith and begin to access the infinite intelligence that exists in the universe. This infinite intelligence source is the very mind of God, the Mighty Creator. But, how does one develop Faith in oneself that would gain access to this wellspring of intelligence? 

Napoleon Hill once wrote: 

“It is a well known fact that one comes, finally, to BELIEVE whatever one repeats to one’s self, whether the statement be true or false. If a man repeats a lie over and over, he will eventually accept the lie as truth. Moreover, he will BELIEVE it to be the truth. Every man is what he is, because of the DOMINATING THOUGHTS which he permits to occupy his mind. Thoughts which a man deliberately places in his own mind, and encourages with sympathy, and with which he mixes any one or more of the emotions, constitute the motivating forces, which direct and control his every movement, act, and deed!”


Proverbs 23:7 King James Version (KJV) saysFor as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.” 

Hill also wrote in Thing and Grow Rich:

“Have Faith in yourself; Faith in the Infinite”

Before we begin, you should be reminded again that:

FAITH is the “eternal elixir” which gives life, power, and action to the impulse of thought!

The foregoing sentence is worth reading a second time, and a third, and a fourth. It is worth reading aloud!

FAITH is the starting point of all accumulation of riches!

FAITH is the basis of all “miracles,” and all mysteries which cannot be analyzed by the rules of science!

FAITH is the only known antidote for FAILURE!

FAITH is the element, the “chemical” which, when mixed with prayer, gives one direct communication with Infinite Intelligence.

FAITH is the element which transforms the ordinary vibration of thought, created by the finite mind of man, into the spiritual equivalent.

FAITH is the only agency through which the cosmic force of Infinite Intelligence can be harnessed and used by man.



The proof is simple and easily demonstrated. It is wrapped up in the principle of auto-suggestion. Let us center our attention, therefore, upon the subject of self-suggestion, and find out what it is, and what it is capable of achieving”

This subject of Auto-Suggestion or Self-Suggestion is nothing more than simply telling yourself what is going to happen, often enough that the message begins to echo in your conscious mind and eventually finds its way into your subconscious mind. You will know when the movement of the thought has taken place into your subconscious mind in several ways. First, thoughts of your desire will be pervasive, meaning constant. You will begin to be almost obsessed with your desire at least in thought. Secondly, you will dream of your desire. And then, your thoughts will become magnetized by this movement. And like a magnet attracts metal, your thoughts will begin to attract to you whatever is needed for you to obtain your desire, almost like magic. Circumstance will begin to arise that seem like coincidence or luck, yet in reality, it is your faith accessing Infinite Intelligence, which is the source of all good things. And your Faith will be strengthened to the point that you begin to believe that the impossible is truly possible. Because your desire will manifest itself right in front of you!

Philippians 4:13, NKJV says, “I can do all things through Christ”

But, first you must access his mind. Then you and your faith will be strengthened and you will begin to accomplish more than you ever dreamed. 

Matthew 19:26(NIV), Jesus looked at them and said, "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."

What is Definiteness of Purpose?????? and why is it so important? 


“A man without a definite major purpose is as helpless as a ship without a compass.” – Napoleon Hill

What if you had 10 million dollars in your bank account, right now? What would you be doing differently today. And, by today, I don’t mean generally today, I mean right now. This very hour, the second after you read the next word. What would you do? Never thought about it? Have you ever stopped to ponder what your life would be like if you had already acquired the riches you are now seeking? 

If you cannot see the end of the journey, you cannot plot the course to that destination. 

Your life’s purpose and mission is important. Every person is here for a reason. We all have something to say to the world around us and something we need to accomplish. Yet, so many people simply wander through life, from job to job, relationship to relationship, and never reach their goals. Too many people lie on their death bed filled with regrets of all the things they never accomplished. Most won’t say it out loud, yet the thoughts are there in their mind as they lie helpless with no way of getting back up and striving toward them. 

So, what is your Life’s Mission? What is the number one purpose in your life? Why are you here? What are the most important accomplishments you desire? And what are you willing to give in return for them? 

Imagine you were about to die. I know its morbid and no-one wants to have such thoughts. But, we will all die at some point. What things would you regret the most if you don’t accomplish them by this point? In other words, if you were on your deathbed today, what would you be wishing you had achieved? Make a list. NOW!

You cannot answer these very important questions without establishing a Definite Major Purpose for your life. Not only is it important to answer these questions; write down the answers; make a plan with deadlines to accomplish your goals; But, realize you live at a time in history when you can reach heights of success like never before in the history of mankind.  

Dreamers today have access to more information and technology than ever before in the history of the world. Are you willing to realize the opportunities that exist and use them to your advantage? You must be open-minded. You must be willing to embrace new ideas. You cannot be afraid of change. Never before has there been a more favorable time to be a pioneer than now, today! Before you there is a vast and varied landscape of opportunity, waiting for another willing participant to join the party. 

So, what is your Purpose, your Definite Major Purpose? And what is your plan to fulfill that purpose? Will you back those plans with a Burning Desire? Are you willing to sacrifice to gain what your heart yearns for? Don’t be like the masses and keep wandering through life. Plot your course to reach that destination that the Mighty Creator has planted in your heart. Discover who you are and why you are here. Its time! Do it Now! For some there will be no tomorrow. Make sure you use today to its fullest. 


Three Essentials of Success posted an article entitled, Three Essentials to Achieve Success(Hard Work is not one of them), Click to Read that Article.  The three essential in the article are:

  1. Purpose, 

  2. Self-Work and 

  3. Belief

I enjoyed the article, and wanted to share it, because I agree, particularly with the first essential they list, which is Purpose. After all if, 

“The ship that leaves the shore with no destination will surely get there!”. 

In essence, having purpose in your life and work is the same as having direction. 

At MaveriConsulting, we have our own 3 essentials for success, that we believe a direct sales person must adhere to if they want to have success in their work and head in a positive direction. 

Number One: Hard work. A sales agent will only experience long term success if they are willing to work hard. Working hard does not mean overworking your territory. It does not always mean working long hours. Hard work is focused attention to your work during the hours that you are on the job. If you work 6 hours in a day or 10 hours in a day, you will be successful if you have focused attention while you work. Without focused attention, the hours you spend selling are not truly hard worked hours. Stay focused giving 100% of your attention to your work and you can say you worked hard regardless of the actual number of hours invested in a day or in a week. 

Number Two: Be Teachable and Coachable. By definition, if a person is teachable or coachable, they have an open mind. They are open to new ideas of how to do something. They are willing to take direction and do what someone suggests. If you will be open minded and learn the techniques and methods taught at MaveriConsulting, not only will you be more successful in selling, you will be more successful in other areas of your life. Our methods have produced millions of dollars in sales commissions. If you wish to follow our examples you must be teachable to get started and coachable to improve over time as we offer more advanced training. Be teachable and coachable and you will have success. 

Number Three:  A Positive Mental Attitude(PMA). Always be Positive, no matter what happens. This sounds easy. But, in application is it difficult and requires discipline. In daily life, negative events take place. Problems occur and often it seems that life is not fair. Sometimes, bad things happen, even when we are working hard, and striving to be our best. So, how do you remain positive when bad things happen that are out of your control? You must learn to control the things you can control and strive not to worry about the things that you cannot control. In doing so, you must always find a way to have a positive mind and outlook. If something negative happens, you should immediately think of three reasons that the negative event is actually positive. One example: if a sales agent becomes ill and cannot work, perhaps he uses the downtime to read and learn new techniques, that refresh the mind. Then, when the rep does return to work he is a new and improved version of himself. There are many examples. But, the bottom line is that in order to be successful in this business, long-term, you must develop a Positive Mind and have a Positive Attitude, all the time, no matter what happens. One step on this journey of developing a Positive Mind and Attitude is to read positive material on a daily basis.

Whatever you do in life, if you want to be successful, you simply must develop a strategic plan that supports your goals. Forming the essential behaviors and attitudes that will lead you to success are critical. At MaveriConsulting, we are always growing and improving, learning from each other and becoming our best, day by day. But, the Essentials of our success will always include these three basics: 

  1. Hard Work - Focused Attention, 

  2. Being Coachable & Teachable, 

  3. and having a Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) 

Company Culture ©

Company culture has become “more important than ever”, according to Greg Besner, Founder and CEO of CultureIQ, who was a guest writer for in June 2015( 

The majority of the U.S. workforce today is comprised of Millennials, close to 54 million “would-be” employees looking for the “perfect fit” in a career. Besner’s article goes on to say that three of the priorities valued by today’s workforce:

  • Flexibility on the job

  • Professional development

  • Be good, do good

At MaveriConsulting company culture comes from our people. We hire only the best people we can find. It is a belief, that quality people produce quality results....Like any good recipe, all the ingredients count towards an end result that is pleasing. We strive to hire the best quality people we can find to fill pertinent roles at MaveriConsulting. Please note that the focus is on quality people, not the most experienced at a specific job, not a “perfect” resume. Like a Division 1 coach who understands that recruiting the best athletes is the answer to having the best team, we too strive to hire quality people and then teach them our processes. 

We value experience, we value college degrees, we value former business ownership, and we value tenured military careers. All of these aspects of an employee are valuable to our leadership. But, first and foremost, we look for quality people; those among us who want more from their work, from their time invested in this life. We look for independent minded people who want a career, not a job. Individuals who understand that being part of a team is important. We look for leaders in character, leaders in work ethic, leaders in innovation and problem solvers to join us in building this great company together. 

We don’t put much stock in titles. What one team member brings to the table can be as valuable as any other team member. Everyone counts in the grand scheme. No one will ever be looked down upon based on their role within the organization when and if they are compared to any other team members. We believe we are all in this together and that together we can accomplish great things! 

MaveriConsulting is a place to grow professionally, and personally. A place to make life-long friends and enjoy a great work-life balance. We believe in hard work as much as we believe in having fun and enjoying the money we make. After all, 

“If we can’t enjoy the money we make, why are we working so hard?” 

The Maverick - A Path Less Chosen ©

…So, what exactly does the word Maverick mean and where does it come from? And why are people sometimes called a “Maverick”? Both very good questions. After all, I chose to name my company MaveriConsulting for a reason. A very good reason.   

The definition of a Maverick, according to Cambridge Dictionary is:  

a person who thinks and acts in an independent way, often behaving differently from the expected or usual way….