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Company culture has become “more important than ever”, according to Greg Besner, Founder and CEO of CultureIQ, who was a guest writer for in June 2015( 

The majority of the U.S. workforce today is comprised of Millennials, close to 54 million “would-be” employees looking for the “perfect fit” in a career. Besner’s article goes on to say that three of the priorities valued by today’s workforce:

  • Flexibility on the job

  • Professional development

  • Be good, do good

At MaveriConsulting company culture comes from our people. We hire only the best people we can find. It is a belief, that quality people produce quality results....Like any good recipe, all the ingredients count towards an end result that is pleasing. We strive to hire the best quality people we can find to fill pertinent roles at MaveriConsulting. Please note that the focus is on quality people, not the most experienced at a specific job, not a “perfect” resume. Like a Division 1 coach who understands that recruiting the best athletes is the answer to having the best team, we too strive to hire quality people and then teach them our processes. 

We value experience, we value college degrees, we value former business ownership, and we value tenured military careers. All of these aspects of an employee are valuable to our leadership. But, first and foremost, we look for quality people; those among us who want more from their work, from their time invested in this life. We look for independent minded people who want a career, not a job. Individuals who understand that being part of a team is important. We look for leaders in character, leaders in work ethic, leaders in innovation and problem solvers to join us in building this great company together. 

We don’t put much stock in titles. What one team member brings to the table can be as valuable as any other team member. Everyone counts in the grand scheme. No one will ever be looked down upon based on their role within the organization when and if they are compared to any other team members. We believe we are all in this together and that together we can accomplish great things! 

MaveriConsulting is a place to grow professionally, and personally. A place to make life-long friends and enjoy a great work-life balance. We believe in hard work as much as we believe in having fun and enjoying the money we make. After all, 

“If we can’t enjoy the money we make, why are we working so hard?”