Three Essentials of Success posted an article entitled, Three Essentials to Achieve Success(Hard Work is not one of them), Click to Read that Article.  The three essential in the article are:

  1. Purpose, 

  2. Self-Work and 

  3. Belief

I enjoyed the article, and wanted to share it, because I agree, particularly with the first essential they list, which is Purpose. After all if, 

“The ship that leaves the shore with no destination will surely get there!”. 

In essence, having purpose in your life and work is the same as having direction. 

At MaveriConsulting, we have our own 3 essentials for success, that we believe a direct sales person must adhere to if they want to have success in their work and head in a positive direction. 

Number One: Hard work. A sales agent will only experience long term success if they are willing to work hard. Working hard does not mean overworking your territory. It does not always mean working long hours. Hard work is focused attention to your work during the hours that you are on the job. If you work 6 hours in a day or 10 hours in a day, you will be successful if you have focused attention while you work. Without focused attention, the hours you spend selling are not truly hard worked hours. Stay focused giving 100% of your attention to your work and you can say you worked hard regardless of the actual number of hours invested in a day or in a week. 

Number Two: Be Teachable and Coachable. By definition, if a person is teachable or coachable, they have an open mind. They are open to new ideas of how to do something. They are willing to take direction and do what someone suggests. If you will be open minded and learn the techniques and methods taught at MaveriConsulting, not only will you be more successful in selling, you will be more successful in other areas of your life. Our methods have produced millions of dollars in sales commissions. If you wish to follow our examples you must be teachable to get started and coachable to improve over time as we offer more advanced training. Be teachable and coachable and you will have success. 

Number Three:  A Positive Mental Attitude(PMA). Always be Positive, no matter what happens. This sounds easy. But, in application is it difficult and requires discipline. In daily life, negative events take place. Problems occur and often it seems that life is not fair. Sometimes, bad things happen, even when we are working hard, and striving to be our best. So, how do you remain positive when bad things happen that are out of your control? You must learn to control the things you can control and strive not to worry about the things that you cannot control. In doing so, you must always find a way to have a positive mind and outlook. If something negative happens, you should immediately think of three reasons that the negative event is actually positive. One example: if a sales agent becomes ill and cannot work, perhaps he uses the downtime to read and learn new techniques, that refresh the mind. Then, when the rep does return to work he is a new and improved version of himself. There are many examples. But, the bottom line is that in order to be successful in this business, long-term, you must develop a Positive Mind and have a Positive Attitude, all the time, no matter what happens. One step on this journey of developing a Positive Mind and Attitude is to read positive material on a daily basis.

Whatever you do in life, if you want to be successful, you simply must develop a strategic plan that supports your goals. Forming the essential behaviors and attitudes that will lead you to success are critical. At MaveriConsulting, we are always growing and improving, learning from each other and becoming our best, day by day. But, the Essentials of our success will always include these three basics: 

  1. Hard Work - Focused Attention, 

  2. Being Coachable & Teachable, 

  3. and having a Positive Mental Attitude(PMA)